About Community Leaders

College Possible is looking for a small group of students to provide leadership for the cohort of College Possible students on your campus. We are identifying student leaders from every class year to serve on a team that will have responsibility for building community among the College Possible students, assisting with the recruitment of new students and supporting the transition of the coaches. In return, students will receive leadership experience, opportunities to represent College Possible on-campus and some cool College Possible swag! 

We are looking for 5-10 Community Leaders per institution. Two will be selected as the co-chairs, who are likely to be juniors or seniors and serve as mentors to the other team members. Students that are interested in this role will also participate in an interview with the coaches on your campus. 


Benefits of being a College Possible Community Leader:

  1. Networking opportunities: Meet staff at your institution and from College Possible, along with getting to know your fellow students.  You will also get to meet prospective students.
  2. Development of your leadership skills: Learn how to plan outcomes-based events, develop a deeper understanding of how to motivate others and have opportunities to practice your public-speaking, all while being supported by your College Possible coach. 
  3. The opportunity to help shape this program: The Community Leaders team is a new initiative, and your input and feedback will allow us to make it as effective and engaging as possible for you and other students in the future. 
  4. Future opportunities with College Possible: Our Catalyze institutions are looking for coaches to serve with College Possible. We would love to have you consider this opportunity upon graduation.
  5. A great addition to your resume: Not only can you add this as a position on your resume, you can also utilize the contacts you are making as future references for a job search or graduate school application. 
  6. College Possible swag and a lot of candy.


Specific responsibilities:

Build community among College Possible students

  • Plan and execute activities for College Possible students to get to know each other and encourage a high rate of participation.

  • Organize and lead opportunities to welcome new College Possible students to the community on your campus and to the program.
  • Foster a sense of support for each other among your fellow College Possible students.

Assist with recruiting new students into College Possible

  • Develop and implement strategies for increasing awareness of College Possible on campus.
  • Meet with Admissions staff each year (with coaches) to provide a refresher on the program and share the benefits of participation in College Possible from a student’s perspective.
  • Assist with Admissions visits days by providing information sessions about College Possible or hosting a table during an organizational fair (with coaches).
  • Provide testimonials for your institution’s and /or College Possible’s communications needs.
  • Assist with outreach efforts aimed at college access program participants. 

Help shape and improve the program

  • Serve as a sounding board for the coaches in brainstorming ideas or strategies and/or identifying challenges and potential solutions. 

Assist in the transition between coaches

  • Facilitate introductions, both in person and through social media, between new coaches and current and future College Possible students.


how to Apply: